School Holiday Activities for Kids

By Discover Parramatta

Colonial Capers

28 September 10am - 12pm

Discover the stories of colonial children and delve into the lives of Parramatta’s colourful characters on this interactive tour through the city’s heritage sites. Where did the colony’s children live, how did they learn, what games did they play, what did they eat? Who were the adults that governed their lives?

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Digging Up Deep Time

29 September 10am - 12pm

Do you love fossils? Like to know how things work? Unearth Parramatta’s distant past in this exciting journey into deep time. Find out what Parramatta was like over 200 million years ago and discover the amazing critters and plants which inhabited the area.

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Birds and Beasties

30 September 10am - 12.30pm

The Parramatta River is the lifeblood of the city for a surprising array of creatures with fur, fins, feathers, or scales. Learn about them, and maybe even meet some, on this fascinating walk along the river. Expect fun, animal-themed games, and plenty of exercise. The perfect antidote to screen time and social isolation!

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Building Bridges

2 October 10am - 12.30pm

Join us during the school holidays for a short walk along the Parramatta River and a range of bridge themed games and activities.

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Bush Detective School

3 October 10am - 12pm

Escape the confines of home and make like a detective, following the many clues left by animals to discover the secrets of the bush.

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Nature Walk and Wheel for Kids

4 October 10-11.30am

Join our friendly, experienced nature guide on this pleasant meander in a beautiful bushland reserve. Discover some hidden treasures, breathe in the fresh air, spot the wildlife, and enjoy some engaging activities. A treat for all the senses.

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Environmental Treasure Hunt

6 October 10-11.30am 

Bring your children along to explore the bush and uncover a wonderland of natural treasures! Kids will embark on a hunt for environmental clues in local bushland, discovering and examining many hidden treasures.

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MiniBeast Safari

7 October 10am - 12pm

Explore the miniature worlds that are hidden in plain view in our bushland reserves.

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Youth Art in the Park - Photography

8 October 10am - 12pm

Parramatta Park provides the perfect canvas for a photography workshop; the “People’s Park” features heritage buildings, sweeping landscapes, native plants, and wildlife, plus scope for action shots and portraits.

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Apprentice Archaeologists 

9 October 10am - 1pm

Archaeology unearths hidden stories from our past, much like cold case detective work brings to light the truth about past crimes.

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The Beanies' Egg-straordinary Day!

29 September 11am-12pm

Mini-Beanies will laugh and learn when Professor Know-It-All challenges the Beanies to care for an egg for a whole day, how hard can it be? Featuring confetti cannons, sneaky robbers, and VERY silly jokes The Beanies EGG-straordinary Day is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for Mini-Beanies and their big people.

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The Box Show

30 September 12.30 - 1.30pm 

The Box Show excites the imagination of children and adults alike. We follow four characters during their daily activities in a world made of cardboard boxes and junk. The contents of an abandoned kitchen and wheelie bins become the greatest drum set in the world; Plastic bags are an amazing musical instrument and the human body becomes a unique sound machine.

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Tiptoe Giants: Colour the World

1 October 11-11.30pm

Do you have a favourite colour? Do you have a favourite song? Come stomp, dance, tiptoe and colour the world with Tiptoe Giants. Join Lee, Vee, and Meg as they open their ears, eyes, and minds on an epic musical adventure to explore and discover some of the beautiful things that make the world a colourful rainbow.

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The Ridiculously Entertaining Adventures of Kiki and Pascal

1 & 2 October 1-1.30pm

The Kiki and Pascal show is the funniest love story of all time. The journey of this unlikely couple is wrapped around a show full of beautifully diverse skills, singing, juggling, contortion, interactive comedy, acrobatics and a surprise magical ending.

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Dr AudiYo's Giant Adventure

1 & 2 October 1-2pm

Kick your imagination into overdrive and be left dazzled and giggling by this sound-led, choose-your-own-adventure show for the whole family!

Follow the quest of Dr AudiYO, a beatboxing clown-come-superhero. Using only her ‘magic looping bum bag’ (and a little help from the audience), she sets off on a surreal adventure to slay The Beast, who’s on a rampage to silence the city.

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Avocado Smash

2 October 11-11.30am

Avocado Smash serve up a delicious musical show of original toe-tapping hits for kids! Come bounce around to the Brekkie Rap and throw your arms in the air to the Chilli Song with this multi award-winning show! Join this dynamic trio for a bonanza of musical variety with different languages, vocal harmonies and smashing dance moves!

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