5 New Eateries in Parramatta Square You Won't Want to Miss
By Natalie Popow
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Parramatta Square is now home to five new restaurants, bringing to the table delicious burgers and shakes, traditional Italian cuisine, gelato, Asian contemporary, and Japanese sashimi.
flatlay of pizza and two beers
Where to Get the Best Beer and Pizza in Parramatta
Beer and pizza. Was there ever a food and beverage pairing more meant to be together? We’ve selected some of the best places to satisfy your beer and pizza cravings in Parramatta. 
Bowl of pasta
La dolce vita: 3 Italian restaurants to try
As much a part of Australian food culture as meat pies and pavlova, Italian cuisine holds a very special place in the heart of Parramatta.
flatlay of vegetarian and vegan food
Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Parramatta
Here’s your guide to six of the best vegetarian and vegan eateries in Parramatta.
Malabar Curry in a bowl with dried chilli, fresh chilli and curry leaves on plate next to it
Where to find the 7 best South Indian dishes in Parramatta
Discover the best places to eat South Indian food in Parramatta. Piping hot dosas served with chutneys and lentil soups, deep-fried doughnuts infused with herbs and spices, fragrant curries made with fresh fish....
 Indian curry meal with black lentils dal, spicy potatoes, rice, naan bread and raita  M
Five Wet Weekend Feel Good Dinners
While winter is officially another week away, this weekend has certainly given us a preview with blankets added to beds and heaters being cranked up.

Around Parramatta, we have a huge range of restaurants and cafés that offer us delicious winter warming foods from many different cuisines.
Come and enjoy the delicious food from Chophouse.
Bites On Any Budget
Whoever said eating well comes with a big price tag hasn’t visited the eateries in Parramatta.
Sushi and Tea
Five delightful Japanese dining experiences
From sushi to yakiniku, here are five Japanese restaurants to try.
Roll'd Vietnamese
A Guide to Vietnamese Dining in Parramatta
Whether you're a fan of pho or ravenous for a rice-paper roll, here are five diverse eateries to get your fix of Vietnamese food.
Seven places to satisfy your curry cravings
Thanks to its vibrant multicultural community, Parramatta offers a cornucopia of curries from all over the world. Here are seven options for your tastebuds.
Fried chicken ramen
Where good food and the freshest kicks hang out. Find out why everybody loves ramen at Butter.
Alex and Co
Parramatta's Finest Dining
Fresh produce from local farmers, unusual dishes for adventurous diners and degustations that can be lingered over for hours, Parramatta's fine dining scene is creative and fun, yet down-to-earth. These restaurants are the cream of the crop.
Where to go before your show
Heading to the Riverside Theatres? Eat Street and beyond offer a culinary adventure that crosses continents.
Port Wine Bar
Wine and dine in Parramatta
Whatever your drink of choice, you’ll find it - and a bite to pair it with - in Parramatta.
Soul Burger
Vegan and vegetarian Parramatta
Six local meat-free options that even meat eaters won’t hate
El Jannah interior
The working lunch
Don't eat your lunch al-desko, pop out of the office and into one of these eateries for a feed
Ginger Tiger
Thai delights: Six thai-riffic restaurants
When something spicy is on the agenda, Parramatta has the goods.
Yum Cha dumplings
Chinese Restaurants
Forget the cold, lose yourself in these five must-try Chinese restaurants. From yum-cha to sizzling Szechwan, dim-sum to delicious duck pancakes and everything in between.
Papparich Malaysian Supplied
Malay and Singaporean
Discover Parramatta's Malay and Singaporean superstar eateries
Korean Bibimbap
Five Must-Try Korean Restaurants
Whatever your flavour, here are five eateries that showcase some of Parramatta's best Korean cooking.
Six Indian Eateries
Whether you're craving flaky naan bread straight from the tandoor or indulging in a classic curry, we've picked six Indian eateries your taste buds will be thankful for.
Burgers and Milkshakes at Milky Lane Parramatta
Six Places Where Food Coma is on the Menu
This guide is dedicated to the hungriest, most passionate diners in Parramatta and surrounds.